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Join Serrans in their work to ensure the future of our Church by promoting vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life!

Who We Are


Serra is the global lay apostolate for vocations within the Catholic Church. We are committed to working for an increase in vocations to priesthood and consecrated religious life.

Serra International Convention

New Orleans – AUGUST 8-11, 2024

Join us for Serra’s 81st International Convention in vibrant New Orleans, the perfect destination for an unforgettable convention! Immerse yourself in the rich Catholic heritage of the city, explore the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, stroll the renowned French Quarter, and savor delicious Cajun cuisine while connecting with Serrans from around the world!

Serra News

How the Miami Serra Club Grew Exponentially

They’re calling it the Miami Miracle. The Serra Club of Miami recently experienced a record-setting surge in membership thanks to concerted and very intentional efforts with their membership drive. The Club went from 9 members to 130 in a matter of months and Serrans...

The 2024 Serra Rally featured talks by priests, bishops, sisters, and fellow Serrans

By Rachel Balducci Serrans from near and far converged in Miami for the annual Serra USA Rally January 18-20 to enjoy inspiring talks, fun fellowship and a chance to refocus and get inspired. In the midst of board meetings and committee presentations was a time for...

An Easter Meditation

My father and I had a disagreement one Easter season over which day was more important, Good Friday or Easter. I thought Good Friday. My feeling was that mankind had lost its way and was stumbling around in darkness, and Christ was the light that showed that love was...

Fr. Jorge Torres: Vocations in the United States

The mission of the Secretariat on Clergy, Consecrated Life, and Vocations and Serra go hand in hand. It's closer than any one of us even recognizes at times. One of the goals is to increase multicultural vocations, and we work with deacons and priests from various...

On Our Call to Holiness

I want to talk to you about the Serra Call to Holiness. It is the one of the three planks in our Serra Mission. There’s more to it than you might think! Its importance is too often underestimated by Serrans. Really and truly, it is the beginning point to creating a...

Two ways: Selflessness or Selfishness

Cardinal Thomas Collins at the 2024 Serra US Rally, Miami, FL, Traveler's Mass, January 18, 2024I've often thought that one of the best opening lines in any book is found in a book called, "The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles," from around the year 105 or so. Very...

Announcing the Foundation’s First Endowment

Doris and Jim Madigan are greeted by Pope Paul VI.   Madigan family funds endowment in memory of their parents Cindy Madigan Bell and David Madigan created the first endowment in memory of their parents last summer when the board launched an endowment initiative....

2022 Banner Clubs

We are grateful to the generosity of the Serra Clubs that worked hard throughout the year to raise funds for the Serra Foundation. In particular, we honor the generosity of the top donor club, the Serra Club of Arlington-Metro, which received the Siempre Adelante...

Serra Foundation: Achieving Four Goals in 2023

The Serra International Foundation continues to grow in 2023, thanks to Serrans and other supporters who believe in the mission of vocational affirmation, the Serra boards and staff. This year, the Foundation advanced the 2021-2026 strategic plan in four areas (at...

Outpouring of Generosity: A Letter from Serra Foundation President Judy Schumaker

Serra International Foundation doners funded Serra's work at home and abroad in 2022 My Dear Serrans, I am pleased to share this issue of The Serran magazine containing an annual report of the Foundation, its beneficiaries, and those whose financial support in 2022...

An Easter Meditation

My father and I had a disagreement one Easter season over which day was more important, Good Friday or Easter. I thought Good Friday. My feeling was that mankind had lost its way and was stumbling around in darkness, and Christ was the light that showed that love was...

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Our Threefold Mission

To promote and affirm vocations
while growing in holiness

Promote and Support Priestly Vocations

Serrans ardently promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood. We recognize the Catholic priesthood as a sacred calling that is essential for our faith, and we stand alongside our priests, offering unwavering support in their ministry.

Encourage and Promote Vocations to the Religious Life

Serra is dedicated to encouraging and promoting vocations to the consecrated life within the Catholic Church. We recognize the profound beauty and transformative witness of Religious Sisters and Brothers, and we strive to inspire and nurture those who hear this divine calling.

Answer the Call to Holiness

Serrans embark on a personal journey of responding to God’s call to holiness in Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit. We support one another in this sacred pursuit, fostering an environment where each member can thrive as they grow closer to the Father.

Join Our Mission

By joining Serra, you become part of a vibrant community of passionate individuals who are actively shaping the future of our Church. Together, we empower one another, embarking on a remarkable journey of faith, service, and transformation. Most importantly, we make a difference! Through a myriad of programs and activities, we touch the lives of young Catholics and “plant seeds” of priestly and religious vocations.

The Serran Magazine

For more than 50 years, The Serran has provided in-depth news, event coverage, and inspiration for promoting vocations

The Serra Foundation

With your help, The Serra International Foundation supports seminaries and vocation programs throughout the world. Will you contribute toward the next generation of priests, brothers, and sisters? Your generosity makes a world of difference.

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