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An Easter Meditation

Mar 27, 2024

My father and I had a disagreement one Easter season over which day was more important, Good Friday or Easter.

I thought Good Friday. My feeling was that mankind had lost its way and was stumbling around in darkness, and Christ was the light that showed that love was the path home. This love was demonstrated as self-sacrifice for the good of another, the greatest example of which was freely giving one’s life for the good of another. For us, He endured the worst that life had to offer, both physically and psychologically.

My dad, however, said that our faith and hope rests on the Resurrection. He said that the Apostles cowered in the upper room with the door locked until then.

The fact that this man, Christ, was indeed God and had dominion over life and death, enabled the Apostles to have the strength to not only spread the faith throughout the world, but also give their lives in martyrdom (all but John).
I had to concede that a mere man can cause a great paradigm shift, but only God can defeat death.
How does this relate to Serra?

During our August weekend in Chicago working on the new strategic plan, it was brought home clearly to those present how the shortage of priests is severely affecting several major dioceses in the United States. Our mission is clearly needed now more than ever.

However, we should not be over alarmed. We have to have faith in the risen Lord—He will not let his Church fail.
In Rome, February 6-10, at the Dicastery for the Clergy’s first ever Conference for the Continuing Formation of Priests, it was so uplifting to see all the smiling faces amongst the nearly 750 priest formators (including about 40 bishops) from dioceses from all over the world! The talks were good, the synodal group sessions were good, the best practices sessions from around the world were good. Everyone learned and had a good time. These formators will take all of it back and spread it among the priests of their dioceses.

On Friday night there was a meditation concert on the vocations of Saints Peter and Paul held at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran featuring the Choir of the Diocese of Rome and the Fideles et Amati Orchestra directed by Maestro Mons Marco Frisina. It was beautiful—a present from the Vatican to its clergy!

Lazarus Cardinal You Heung-sik, the prefect of the Dicastery, said that he feels responsible for the happiness of the priests in the church. He succeeded with this Conference. It was a winner and gives us all hope for vocations in the future.

Happy Easter!

~Kurt Metyko
Serra International President