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How the Miami Serra Club Grew Exponentially

Apr 2, 2024

They’re calling it the Miami Miracle.

The Serra Club of Miami recently experienced a record-setting surge in membership thanks to concerted and very intentional efforts with their membership drive. The Club went from 9 members to 130 in a matter of months and Serrans who facilitated the drive said a personal connection is key.

Here are five key elements to a successful membership drive, according to Miami Serra Club members:

  1. Have a priest behind you with the membership drive. Getting the parish priest on board to announce the club and encourage membership is extremely helpful. Ask him to make announcements at Mass to look for Serrans to get more information.
  2. Make it grassroots, boots on the ground. Having a table outside the parish at every Mass on a given weekend builds momentum.
  3. The personal connection is key! Personal interactions with parishioners helps them feel personally invited. Before Mass, invite people to come see you outside after. Make it feel like a personal invitation.
  4. Keep it old school! No matter how advanced technology is, said one Miami Serran, the personal touch of inviting people is what really works. Make that connection.
  5. Follow up! Having a plan to continue the momentum is key. Meetings at the parish, matching shirts – helping Serrans feel connected to each other keeps the club going and growing!

Watch a panel with Miami Serrans about running a Membership Drive: