District Governor/Regional Director Webinar

Serra District Governors & Regional Directors:  (CC:  Leadership Committee, USAC Leadership, John Liston, & Peter Cunningham)

This webinar will wrap up this quarter's DG/RD webinars.   Over 20 Serra leaders will be on line.   If you have not signed up, please attend tomorrow at the time shown for your time zone.   Below are the links and/or call in/access numbers. 

Wed, May 25, 2016 9:00 PM EDT (6 pm PDT7 pm MDT8 pm CDT)

·        Web Access:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/479779061

·        Phone Access:  (312) 757-3121, Access Code: 479-779-061 

NOTE:  If you link in with your computer, you can use your camera to show yourself to the rest of the members that are on line.  


Three important documents will be referenced during the meeting.  


  • Proxy:   (Make sure all you clubs are represented with their vote at the convention.)
    • Critically important to assure that each of our clubs are represented at the convention even if a member of the club does NOT attend.
    • Upper portion is for the club to designate a member of the club to represent the club
    • The lower section is if a member is NOT attending and the club assigns their vote to a "proxy" that is attending the convention.
    • IMPORTANT:  Must be signed by both the treasure and the president for either one.
    • IMPORTANT:  Must be sent (or emailed or faxed) to John Liston by May 30.  OR hand carry to the convention and submit to the SI office at the convention by noon on Friday, July 1.
  • Amendments:  (These will be voted on at  the convention....#5 regarding mandatory council dues is the important one.)
    • Most of the amendments are general procedural housekeeping, HOWEVER, #5 is the critical one.
    • #5 Deals with making Council dues mandatory for clubs to stay in good standing with Serra International and continue to call themselves Serrans and use our logo.
  • Conventional Schedule:  (Promote and encourage your clubs to attend)
    • The convention is filled with great speakers.
    • The focus is on our personal call to holiness and vocations.  Both of these are part of Serra's mission.
    • Fr. Brannen, "To Save a 1000 Souls" is a popular speaker and an inspiration to those discerning religious life and for Serrans that are promoting and supporting religious vocations
    • Rhonda  Gruenewald is an author, wonderfully inspirational speaker, and travels the country encouraging parishes to begin to support vocation ministries in their parishes.
    • Many other great events and speakers.
    • Some FUN stuff like the baseball game on Wednesday night.
Event Date: 
05/25/2016 - 8:00pm