President Daniel Jones' Christmas 2017 Message

Christmas 2017 Message

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To All Serrans and your families,


As we enter the Advent season, I am reminded of St. Matthew’s Gospel where Jesus says. ”Come after me, I will make you fishers of men.”  We tend to think Jesus was calling to his disciples, which he was; but he was also calling each one of us to use our unique talents that he has given to each of us to promote and affirm our priests, seminarians and religious - as well as encourage membership in Serra.


Thank you for all your support for our ordained and consecrated.  As Pope Francis asked of Serrans in Rome this summer, he hopes and prays that each of us will continue to be true friends with our priests, seminarians, and religious.


May we continue to remember and pray each day for all Serrans and their loved ones who have died. At Christmas and each day let us remember in our giving - the poor, the underprivileged, and the marginalized. To all who might be ill, may the healing power of Jesus be with you.


Let us remember the greatest gift ever given when our God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to be born into our humanity - giving us his supreme gift of love and mercy.


I wish each of you a Blessed Christmas and may the peace of Christ be with you each day of the New Year 2018.


Daniel R. Jones
President, Serra International