Voice of Reason

March 28, 2020


Today’s Readings

To his fellow Pharisees, Nicodemus, the one who visited Jesus to receive teaching under cover of night, must have seemed the worst kind of traitor: one who appears, by all outward appearances, to be true to their line of thinking, but who really has a mind of his own.

How threatening to the establishment is the independent thinker!

In today’s Gospel, Nicodemus is the voice of reason. He politely points out his brethren’s hypocrisy and their strategic avoidance of their own vigorously upheld law. It takes courage for him to do so; but also, he must have trusted that his own community would get ahold of their senses before driven to horrible acts.

How many times have you found yourself with a foot in both worlds?

How many times have you had the courage to speak up for justice? How many times have you remained silent?

When is it better to walk away, and when is it better to stay and fight to hold someone to their own (perceived) integrity?

Above: Jesus and Nicodemus Meet on a Rooftop (oil on canvas, 1899) by Henry Ossawa Tanner





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