Membership Drive

Increase the number of participants at your Serra Club meetings.

Parish Membership Drive

Below is the approach that the Serra Club of Miami used to triple its membership in three years


Select a parish to launch a Serra Club membership drive.  Ideally that Parish would have at least one Serran as a parishioner.


If there is a Vocation Committee established in the Parish, approach the head of the committee about launching the drive.


If a Vocation Committee does not exist, select a parishioner who is a Serran and who is, preferably, in a leadership role (Deacon, Sacristan, prayer group member / leader, Eucharistic Minister, etc.) to request permission from the Pastor to hold a membership drive.


The membership drive should be sponsored at all weekend masses.


In advance of the membership drive, advertise the event in the church bulletin.


Schedule at least 3-5 Serrans (ideally Serrans from that parish) at each mass to staff the membership table.


Arrange for the Priest celebrating each mass to make the following (or similar) announcement: “The need for more Priests and Religious is greater than ever. Therefore, we all must do our part to meet this need through prayer, first and foremost, and by considering becoming a member of The Serra Club.  The sole mission of Serra is to promote vocations. There will be a table in the back of the Church with information on the various vocation activities of the Serra Club as well as sign up sheets.  Please take the time to learn more about how you can become part of the solution.”


The “secret sauce” is to have the Pastor or Priest be at the membership table after mass to draw parishioners to the table and to encourage them to become members.


The Serra table should be strategically placed with a nice table cover (Serra Club tablecloth if possible). Serra Club banners, if available should be on full display.  The Serrans take applications and receive payment (cash, check, credit card, Zelle or Venmo). On the table should be various promotional materials such as the Serra Club Promotional cards to give to everyone who approaches the table, regardless of whether they sign up or not.  Another idea is to have a 31 Day Prayer Calendar on the table and ask people to sign up for a day of prayer for vocations.  Then ask them to provide their name and email address so you can send them reminders of the days they signed up for.  Also ask them if it would be permissible to send them information about upcoming Serra meetings. 


Select a Serran from that Parish and have them send out a notification (vis a vie a WhatsApp chat or via other group messaging system) after the membership drive weekend thanking everyone for joining.  Then schedule an informational meeting at the parish.  Use the WhatsApp chat to invite the new members. During the meeting, have the Pastor or Priest come and do the opening prayer and thank the new Serrans for joining.   A Serran then can explain to the new members what activities your club is engaged in and ask them how they would like to be involved.  Also advise the new members that they will receive their Serra pin and new member certificates at the Induction Ceremony to be arranged.

Sample Materials

Parish Membership Drive Printable Instructions

Parish Membership Drive Priest Homily

Parish Membership Drive Sample Bulletin

Serra Club Miama Promotional Cards