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Serra Spark

Serra Spark is an amazing collection of online tools for promoting vocations. It can be used by Vocation Directors, Serra Clubs, or parish teams that want to create a culture of vocations. If you are new to vocations ministry, Serra Spark will help you build a strong, solid foundation.  If you are a veteran, Spark will give you more resources with which to further your ministry.

Serra International

International Rosary for Vocations

Last Saturday of every month at 8:00 AM CST/CDT.

Serrans from all over the world are invited to join together in a recitation of the rosary for an increase in vocations to priesthood and consecrated life. 

Humble prayer plants the seed of all great things, including awareness, affirmation, support and awakening to the call of vocations. Our Lady of Vocations, pray for us!

To join our rosary from your computer, tablet or smartphone:

Join the Rosary
Join the Rosary by Phone

United States +1 (312) 757-3119

Australia (Long distance): +61 2 9091 7603

Austria (Long distance): +43 7 2088 0716

Belgium (Long distance): +32 (0) 28 08 4372

Canada (Long distance): +1 (647) 497-9380

Denmark (Long distance): +45 69 91 84 58

Finland (Long distance): +358 (0) 931 58 1773

France (Long distance): +33 (0) 170 950 590

Germany (Long distance): +49 (0) 692 5736 7300

Ireland (Long distance): +353 (0) 15 360 756

Italy (Long distance): +39 0 699 26 68 65

Netherlands (Long distance): +31 (0) 208 080 759

New Zealand (Long distance): +64 9 974 9579

Norway (Long distance): +47 21 04 30 59

Spain (Long distance): +34 931 76 1534

Sweden (Long distance): +46 (0) 852 500 691

Switzerland (Long distance): +41 (0) 435 0026 89

United Kingdom (Long distance): +44 (0) 20 3713 5011r

Handbook for Serrans Called to Holiness

The Serra Handbook is packed with information about how to live as a Serran, a member of the global apostolate for vocations in the Catholic Church. In addition to helping achieve your goals of prayer and ministry for vocations, the book contains everything you need to grow in prayer and devotion in pursuit of a Christ-centered life.

Invitation Coins

Research has shown that vocations begin with invitation. Consider giving young men and women these “Invitation Coins.” Custom-minted coins are engraved with the questions “Have you considered becoming a priest?” or “Have you considered religious life?”  These heavy-weight coins offer a substantial, permanent reminder to consider God’s call. Excellent for priests to give to altar servers, or for anyone who wants to encourage young men or women to consider a vocation.

Vocation Curriculum

Equip Catholic educators to teach vocations! Different packets for grade schools or high schools, designed for both Catholic school teachers and parish catechists. Includes creative content that presents a positive and compelling view of marriage, priesthood, and religious life. Teaches kids to remain open to God’s call as they grow older. The packet includes a one-year subscription to Vocation Lessons, a comprehensive online vocations curriculum! Materials come in a handsome 9”x12” folder.

Membership Strategies Booklet

In 2016, Serra International Membership Vice President Dr. Ruben Gallegos, of the Serra Club of Harlingen, Texas, USA, put together a Membership Strategies Booklet to address specific membership challenges in our organization. The booklet lists specific membership recruitment approaches from nearly 50 clubs around the world, as well as broad strategies put forth by various national Serra councils. If your club is looking for new ways to refresh your membership with new Serrans, start here.

Traveling Vocations Crucifix

The Traveling Vocation Crucifix is a tried-and true program to inspire prayer for vocations. Every week, the crucifix  travels to a new family or classroom. They enthrone it in a place of honor and pray for vocations each day. You can make your own Crucifix kit or get a ready-made kit that includes prayers for vocations.

Serra Sprint

Serra sprint is a simple program by which you assign one or two Serrans to each parish or school in your area. Then they work with key people in the parish or school to provide them with vocation resources.

Books on Vocation Discernment

One of the best things Serrans can do is personally give promising young men and women solid information on discerning a priestly or religious vocation. Here are some of the best books to give out:

For Priesthood: To Save a Thousand Souls

For Women’s Religious Life: Discerning Religious Life

For Men’s Religious Life: A Living Sacrifice

For General Discernment: Discernment Do’s and Dont’s or Discerning the Will of God

For shorter works, see a selection of Vocation Booklets.

Parish Membership Drive

Need to increase the size of your club? Follow the simple method used by the Serra Club of Miami to triple its membership in just three years. Learn More

More Serra Products & Resources

We have a wealth of resources on our Serra Store, including materials to promote vocations, promote your club, or show your love of Serra.