Serra Sprint

Serra sprint is a simple program by which you assign one or two Serrans to each parish or school in your area. Then they work with key people in the parish or school to provide them with vocation resources.

Step One

Identify Parishes


Step One

Compile contact information for:

• The parish pastor or priest

• The bulletin editor

• The youth minister

• The vocation committee chair. (If there is no vocation committee, a vocation-minded

person recommended by the pastor or school principal)

Step Two

Assign Serrans


Step Two
Assign one or two Serrans to each parish and school and provide them with the contact information you acquired.

Step Three

Meet With Pastor


Step Three
Contact the Pastor or Parish Priest to inform him of your desire to implement Serra programs in his parish and request his approval. This would be a good opportunity to collect feedback from the Priest about the status of vocations in the parish.

Step Four



Step Four

Send monthly bulletin inserts to the person in charge of church bulletins, samples of which can be found on the following websites:

Step Five

Youth Ministry


Step Five

Arrange a meeting with the youth minister of the parish or

school and inform them of the following resources:

V Night Pack-Vocation Retreat for High School Students

Vocation Books 

• To Save a Thousand Souls ( for men discerning Diocesan Priesthood)

• A Living Sacrifice (for men discerning Religious Life)

• Discerning Religious Life (for women discerning Religious Life)

• Discernment Do’s and Don’ts

In addition, inform the youth minister about the Newman Connection which is a program to share contact information for each graduating senior with the Chaplain where the senior will be attending college. For detailed instructions, please go here

Step Six

Meet About Vocations


Step Six

• Obtain from the church secretary the contact information for the head of the church vocation committee. If there is not a vocation committee, ask the Pastor for the contact information for a vocation minded member of the parish.Set up a meeting with this person to inform them of the various websites rich with vocation resources including:

Step Seven

Follow Up Meeting


Step Seven
  • Schedule a follow up meeting to implement the following vocation programs:
  • School and/or parish: The Traveling Crucifix or Chalice. For instructions go here
  • School and/or parish: Called by Name. For instructions go here
  • School and/or parish: Vocation Curriculum Packages for pre-school
    through high school aged students. For instructions go here
  • Parish: Altar Server Appreciation Event. For instructions go here
  • Parish: Vocation Bible School. For instructions go here