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Announcing the Foundation’s First Endowment

Dec 3, 2023

Doris and Jim Madigan are greeted by Pope Paul VI.


Madigan family funds endowment in memory of their parents

Cindy Madigan Bell and David Madigan created the first endowment in memory of their parents last summer when the board launched an endowment initiative. The Jim and Doris Madigan Family Endowment Fund will provide annual income in perpetuity to fund vocation grants awarded by the foundation.

“When Dave and I became aware of the Foundation’s plan for endowed funds, we thought that would be a perfect way to honor our parents,” Cindy said. “It recognizes their many years of dedicated involvement with Serra for vocations, and for our global Catholic Church. We are grateful for this opportunity to remember them and to continue to support Serra, beyond our lifetimes.”

Jim Madigan joined Serra around 1963, when Serra was a men’s club. He and Doris already had a strong Catholic faith. They sent their four children to Catholic schools, taught religious ed, and were involved in parish activities and other organizations. They would invite priests and religious to their home and cottage, and Doris gave sisters rides to appointments.

They attended their first Serra International convention in about 1964 in Cleveland. There, they learned that the convention included programs for teens and pre-teens. After that, the annual family vacation was the convention. Over the years, Doris and Jim rarely missed a Serra convention, and made many friends around the world.

Jim served in many roles in Serra, eventually becoming international president (1975-1976), and enjoyed traveling for Serra.
Later he became president of the Serra International Foundation (there was no U.S. Council at that time). For more than 40 years Doris was supportive and at his side throughout his dedicated service to Serra.

In addition, many Serrans will remember Jim’s dry humor, Doris’ gentle smile, and their shared spirit of generosity and hospitality.

In 1986 when Serra was considering allowing women as members, the delegates gathered at the international convention in Milwaukee. This topic was controversial, and the discussion lasted a long time with impassioned pros and cons, but the pros won the vote.

Doris and Jim later joined the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (EOHSJ). Jim became the first Lieutenant of the North Central Lieutenancy. Serra leaders, priests and bishops would ask him for advice on various topics.
“David and I are so pleased to create this legacy for our parents and our family. Serra meant so much to my parents, and I hope to keep alive their memory with this perpetual gift fund supporting vocations,” Cindy said.